It’s happened. In NSW if you go outside for any reason that is not deemed “essential” (see 16 essential reasons on ABC News here) you can get fined up to $11 000 or put in jail for 6 months. If the police are feeling nice, they can just give you an on-the-spot $1000 fine. Technically, this means Bondi Beach sunrises are off the table; although, I can probably bring my dog and play it off as “exercise.”

That’s an adventure to try later.

Today the goal was to see what I could photograph around the neighbourhood while out for a walk with the doggo. It was hard. Not only because I’m very OCD in the way I plan my photography (planned location, composition of shots, time of day, etc.), but because most people intrinsically find the place/neighbourhood they spend most of their time boring. Also I suck at street photography.

I ventured out twice today with a goal to shoot black and white images in
the morning, and colour images in the afternoon (gotta keep it interesting).
Going through my shots this evening I found that aside from colour/no-colour, they had (un)intentional themes. The morning photos (including the blog title image above) promoted a somber and dark feeling; nobody around, outdoor gyms fenced off, and signs telling you to leave. I’m sure people are feeling more and more isolated and depressed, and sadly I think these photos captured some of that in this current climate of lockdowns.

The afternoon photos were almost the exact opposite. They were full of
colour, people, and happiness. They promote the idea that even during
times like this, there is hope and resilience among us.

Regardless of lockdowns, toilet paper shortages and health emergencies, the sun will keep shining and the world will continue to spin on. Things will go back to normal. Enjoy the little things that make you happy day-to-day. Acknowledge, but push aside the things that make you sad. Oh, and stop watching the news every 3 seconds!

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