9 0 D A Y S

On Thursday after dropping my wife off to work, the doggo and I decided to hit up Glebe Foreshore (well mainly me, Tama is happy for whatever)for some essential exercise and photography.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photos around Glebe. Funny enough, this was our first neighbourhood when we came to Australia in 2012. We lived in a tiny shoe box of a granny flat, which meant most of our time was spent outside said flat. I always loved walking up (/down?) Glebe Point Road to the foreshore, with a skinny cap in hand - I know, psshh skinny?! Don’t worry I’m more cultured now. I think I had my Nikon D90 with a trusty kit zoom lens at that time. Looking back it may seem like life was a lot easier in 2012, with the 2020 plague and all, but really there are always hurdles to get by. This year is a big one affecting us all, but like those in the past we will make it through. :)

Yesterday I likely shot the exact same subjects I shot in 2012, but after
taking so many photos over the years I couldn’t even begin to remember what I have and haven’t shot. Out of the quick little snaps between ball throws and barks with Tama, I chose the two posted above. Simplicity was the
theme today, and maybe it should be our goal for the weekend. Calm down
all the external, forget about missing out on all your regular weekend
adventures. There’s no need to worry about juggling a busy schedule of work, exercise, events, and meet-ups. No need to constantly post your best life on insta to one-up your friends and followers. Take in the quiet of our current situation and surroundings, because there’s gonna be at least 90 more days of it (probably more). Read a book, watch a movie, or play some video games. Forget the guilt. Exercise can start again on Monday.

Stay safe :)

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