Astrophotography - Nelson Correia Photography
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Southern Pinwheel Galaxy (M83)

Messier 83 (NGC 5236) taken on July 27th, 2014.

35 x 45s lights = 26min 15sec
Stacked with darks, bias, and flats.
Pre/post processed in PI.

I'm quite happy how it turned out, as these were taken during a night with lots of high cloud cover (hence the not quite perfect focus). I tried to get shots in-between clouds, but half these subs were washed out with light pollution. On top of that, the dew hit hard..and without any dew heaters it was fun times! :)

8" f/5 Newtonian
HEQ5 Pro Mount Unguided
Nikon d90
MPCC Coma Corrector
Mac running BackyardNikon beta 2c